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2/21 TAA Webinar on Navigating Your Writing Process

Do you ever find yourself writing in circles, struggling with decision fatigue or a lack of purpose in your scholarly writing? Do you wish you had a structure for your writing process that felt expansive and flexible enough to account for the complexities of scholarship creation?

Join us Wednesday, February 21 from 1-2 p.m. ET for a one-hour webinar, Navigating Your Writing Process as a Purposeful QuEST. Margy Thomas, PhD, of ScholarShape will walk you through the simple yet powerful QuEST framework as a way of structuring your writing projects in any genre. Through this framework, you’ll begin to see your own creative process as a Story-Argument, an experience of meaning-making amidst uncertainty, so that you can create powerful Story-Arguments for your readers. By the end of the session, you’ll have a personalized QuEST map that can guide you through your Story-Argument process with a sense of purpose and help you recognize all the intangible and incremental progress you make along the way.