Industry News Roundup: November 2023

McGraw-Hill Hosting 11/30 Webinar on Navigating Generative AI in Higher Education.

McGraw-Hill is offering a free, 45-minute webinar on Thursday, November 30, at 12 PM ET, entitled, “AI EmpowerED: Navigating Generative AI in Higher Education.”

Panelists from McGraw Hill School Group, the University of Pennsylvania and Central Washington University will engage in a lively discussion of Generative AI’s potential to shape the way we learn, teach, and work, and how to address the challenges it poses in higher education. Topics include: What Generative AI is and how it’s different from traditional AI; The benefits and challenges associated with Generative AI; Strategies for using Generative AI cautiously and ethically; How Generative AI is shaping the skills we need and the importance of lifelong learning; and Effective ways to become more familiar with Generative AI and incorporate it into your teaching practices. Register

TAA Member Phil Wankat: Archival Articles on Money From the ‘TAA Report’

The fifth installment of TAA Member Phil Wankat’s curation and commentary of the archival issues of the TAA Report (now The Academic Author), Money, is now available. Articles include “Frustrations of a University Book Author,” “The Simplified Employee Pension,” “The New Paradox of the College Textbook,” and more.

Wankat selected articles that have information that is still valid today, and included commentary on each. We will be adding these articles to the web page, “Articles from TAA Report Archives (now The Academic Author) with Commentary,” over the next few months. The articles are organized into 10 categories, including Authors NeededCartoonsContractsEthicsMoney, Production, Recognition and Rewards, Software, Textbooks as Scholarship, and Writer’s Block.