TAA Signs Appeal to Governing Bodies to Uphold Protections, Overturn Exemptions Regarding Generative AI

TAA believes corrective action needs to be taken by the European Union and the United States Government to protect the financial and creative interests of authors. Along with 23 other creative and authoring organizations, TAA has signed an appeal to governing bodies to uphold protections outlined in the Berne Convention and overturn exemptions that allow AI technologies to reuse copyrighted materials without credit or compensation given to authors.

Do Proliferating Ideas Threaten to Overtake You?

Do ideas flood your brain like a herd gone wild? Are you flailing around, physically and metaphorically, trying to corral them and drive them into the barn? Going mad trying to figure out how to use them all?

I am almost constantly barraged by ideas for essays, stories, poems, novel slivers, quirky descriptions, and metaphoric pearls. Ideas surface everywhere: as I work on the current creative piece, edit clients’ manuscripts, wash dishes, huff through workouts, wait on line, watch people, meditate, fall asleep, and even at business dinners.