Takeaways, ‘Aha’ Moments from 2024 TAA Conference

In a survey of attendees of the 2024 TAA Textbook & Academic Authoring Conference, which take place in Nashville June 21-22, several shared share a piece of advice, a takeaway, or “aha” moment they had while attending:

  • “The simple reminders about writing, with the focus on generating to make progress rather than getting caught up in the editing process.”
  • “The power of journaling and the affirmation that I have something to contribute to the field.”
  • “I learnt the importance of peer review and how essential it is in publication.”

2024 TAA Post-Conference Survey: Majority of Respondents ‘Very Satisfied’ With Experience

In a survey sent to attendees of TAA’s 2024 Textbook & Academic Authoring Conference, which took place in Nashville June 21-22, the majority of respondents (91.49%) said they were very satisfied with their conference experience. Eight-and-a-half percent said they were satisfied and no one said they were dissatisfied.

A little over 38 percent of respondents said they participated in 10 or more sessions, with 28 percent reporting they participated in 7-9 sessions, and 32 percent saying they participated in 4-6 sessions. Sixty-eight percent of respondents rated the sessions very high quality, with 30 percent rating them high quality. No one rated them low or very low quality.