New TAA Workshops by James Lang now available

TAA recently added three new 90-Minute Virtual Workshops by James Lang, former Professor of English and the founding Director of the D’Amour Center for Teaching Excellence at Assumption University: 1) “Writing Like a Teacher: Expanding the Audiences for Your Research”; 2) “Queries, Proposals, and Agents: The Mechanics of Submitting to Trade Book Publishers”; and 3) “Writing Accessible Prose: Attention Tools on the Page”. These TAA-sponsored virtual workshops are offered to institutions on a first-come first-served basis. Learn more about how you can bring these or other TAA virtual workshops to your campus for only $1,000.

Busy TAA People: TAA member receives nine distinguished academic awards

TAA Member Thomas Luke, Ph.D., was granted nine distinguished Christian academic awards from Chaplains College School of Graduate Studies, seven of which are literary awards for his Ph.D. dissertation book, Invisible Wounds. He also graduated Valedictorian of his class with Summa Cum Laude distinction by earning the highest GPA of his 2023 class, which was a 4.0.

He was also conferred the rank and office of Distinguished Research Professor by the school’s board of regents and will continue his research and teach his curriculum to Ph.D. candidates at Chaplains College School of Graduate Studies and to its chaplains through the Chaplaincy Training Institute.

2023 TAA Conference on Textbook & Academic Authoring opens mentoring sign up: Limited space available

Gain valuable advice and insight, get your questions answered, or just make a connection for when you need help in the future by signing up to meet with a mentor at the 2023 TAA Conference on Textbook & Academic Authoring, which will be held online June 9-10, 2023.

The deadline for signing up for mentoring is May 15. Limited slots are available and are offered on a first come, first-served basis, so don’t delay, register for the conference today!

Choose from nine different mentors for up to two 15-minute one-on-one discussions:

2023 TAA Council Election Results Announced

Four TAA members have been elected to the TAA Council, the association’s governing board. Dr. Dione Taylor has been elected Vice President/President-Elect and Brenda Ulrich has been elected to a third term as Secretary. Rick Mullins has been elected to a second term as Council Member, and Nicole Dillard has been elected to her first term as Council Member. Since there were no nominations for TAA Council Treasurer, current Treasurer Juli Saitz was appointed by the TAA Council to a two-year term.

Busy TAA People: Barbara Price authors new book

AA Member Barbara Price’s book with biochemist Katherine Reid, Fat, Stressed, and Sick: MSG, Processed Food, and America’s Health Crisis, was accepted by Rowman & Littlefield in Fall 2022, with a publication date of September 2023. 

“In November 2021, I was selected by TAA to receive a complimentary book proposal evaluation from Publishing Consultant John Bond,” said Price. “His insight was enormously helpful in getting my book accepted for publication. The take-home is that TAA = SUCCESS.” Congratulations Barbara!