TAA Featured in Episode of The A&P Professor Podcast

TAA was featured in an episode of The A&P Professor podcast on April 12, “Pulse of Progress, Looking Back, Moving Forward,” with host Kevin Patton, an award-winning anatomy and physiology textbook author. Kevin’s comments about the benefits of TAA membership and invitation to attend TAA’s 2024 Conference on Textbook & Academic Authoring come in at 50:22.

In the episode, Kevin says: “With a strongly supportive network of colleagues, TAA provides many resources and active, engaging opportunities for growth and network-forming. TAA meets the needs of those interested in creating textbooks, lab manuals, workbooks, and other learning resources, as well as those who focus on academic writing, such as journal articles, dissertations/theses, monographs, and scholarly or other nonfiction works.”

Journal, ‘Prompt’, Seeking Site Editor, Associate Production Editor

The editors of Prompt: A Journal of Academic Writing Assignments are seeking applications for two positions: Site Editor and Associate Production Editor. Review of applications will begin on April 19th. Learn more

Prompt is a scholar-run, open-access, peer-reviewed online journal. It publishes academic writing assignments, accompanied by reflective essays, from all academic disciplines. Its articles bring together theory and praxis to promote better teaching of writing as well as illuminate the complexities of teaching writing in context. The journal publishes two issues a year with an average of 4 to 6 articles per issue. More information about the journal, including recently published articles and issue archives, is available here.

Writing Your Scholarly Journal Article: Advice on Getting ‘Unstuck’

Important to getting “unstuck” when you’re writing, is to know why you’re stuck, and to recognize how many different ideas or thoughts can contribute to being stuck, says Dave Harris, an editor and writing coach from Thought Clearing.

“A lot of people have little barriers here, and little barriers there, and they pile up and add up,” he said. “Analyze your ‘stuckness’ and recognize the parts that are you being afraid, and the parts that are you not defining your project right, and the parts that are entirely outside of your ability to control but have to negotiate anyway.”

TAA Announces Michael Sullivan Lecture on Textbook & Academic Authoring

The Michael Sullivan Lecture on Textbook & Academic Authoring honors the life and work of mathematics textbook author Michael Sullivan, a long-time TAA member who has authored or co-authored more than 120 mathematics textbooks, many of which have been published in multiple editions.

The Lecture series provides a forum for textbook and academic authors to learn from veteran textbook and academic authors and other academic and textbook authoring and publishing experts. It will feature an invited lecturer whose textbook or academic authoring accomplishments are prolific, award-winning, and highly engaging and inspiring, or whose experience in the textbook or academic authoring or publishing industry qualifies them as an expert. The lectureship was established in 2023 by a generous gift from Michael Sullivan.

Register for 2/8 Sage Research Methods Community Learning Methods Webinar on Learning Resources Available for Researchers

Sage Research Methods Community is offering a free webinar on Thursday, February 8 from 2 to 3 p.m. SAST, entitled, Learning Methods Out of School: Blogs, Webinars, and Courses for Practising Researchers.

Panelists Dr. Janet Salmons, SAGE Publications (US); Dr. Nicola Pallitt, Rhodes University (South Africa); Andy Nobes, INASP (UK); and Tony Carr, e/merge Africa / University of Cape Town (South Africa) will discuss the kinds of opportunities and resources available for new and experienced researchers who want to sharpen skills and develop new ones. This webinar will be valuable to researchers, as well as to those who want to offer information, consultation, or learning opportunities to others. Register

2/21 TAA Webinar on Navigating Your Writing Process

Do you ever find yourself writing in circles, struggling with decision fatigue or a lack of purpose in your scholarly writing? Do you wish you had a structure for your writing process that felt expansive and flexible enough to account for the complexities of scholarship creation?

Join us Wednesday, February 21 from 1-2 p.m. ET for a one-hour webinar, Navigating Your Writing Process as a Purposeful QuEST. Margy Thomas, PhD, of ScholarShape will walk you through the simple yet powerful QuEST framework as a way of structuring your writing projects in any genre.