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Industry News Roundup: November 2023

McGraw-Hill Hosting 11/30 Webinar on Navigating Generative AI in Higher Education.

McGraw-Hill is offering a free, 45-minute webinar on Thursday, November 30, at 12 PM ET, entitled, “AI EmpowerED: Navigating Generative AI in Higher Education.”

Panelists from McGraw Hill School Group, the University of Pennsylvania and Central Washington University will engage in a lively discussion of Generative AI’s potential to shape the way we learn, teach, and work, and how to address the challenges it poses in higher education. Topics include: What Generative AI is and how it’s different from traditional AI; The benefits and challenges associated with Generative AI; Strategies for using Generative AI cautiously and ethically; How Generative AI is shaping the skills we need and the importance of lifelong learning; and Effective ways to become more familiar with Generative AI and incorporate it into your teaching practices. Register

Author Resources: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers Provides ‘Author’s Guide to Pitching Articles’

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers updated its “Author’s Guide to Pitching Articles,’ which includes 44 outlets with links to their submission portals and notes on the kinds of material each outlet publishes. According to the publisher’s marketing and publicity team, which produces the guide, “Publishing short articles on relevant topics 1 – 3 months prior to your book’s release (and in the months following) is a great way to develop interest in your title.” View the Guide

Texas approves new textbooks after friction over fossil fuels in the US’s biggest oil and gas state

A November 20, 2023 Associated Press article reported that Texas’ education board approved new science textbooks from four publishers with the caveat that they remove material that “some Republicans criticized as incorrect or negative portrayals of fossil fuels in the U.S.’s biggest oil and gas state. The vote laid bare divisions on the Texas State Board of Education over how students learn about climate change. In recent years, the panel has faced other heated curriculum battles surrounding how evolution and U.S. history are taught to more than 5 million students.” Read full article

Google Researchers’ Attack Prompts ChatGPT to Reveal Its Training Data

A November 29, 2023 article on 404 Media reported on a paper published in the open access pre journal arXiv (“Scalable Extraction of Training Data from (Production) Language Models”) by a team of researchers that used an attack prompt that “showed that there are large amounts of privately identifiable information (PII) in OpenAI’s large language models. They also showed that, on a public version of ChatGPT, the chatbot spit out large passages of text scraped verbatim from other places on the internet.” Read full article