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Write to Your Passion

By Joseph ‘Rocky’ Wallace, D.SL

When I completed my doctoral journey in 2007, I had the opportunity to write for publication. And soon, I realized that there was a unique interest from readers in my sharing ‘from the heart’ about my field of discipline, educational leadership. I began what has become a long series of books on the fascinating world of school leadership—and through the eyes of principals and other educators down in the trenches. Many of these projects have been co-authored or co-edited, as I have found others who have lived the work have such interesting stories and insights to share.

This journey over the last sixteen years has been quite amazing, as graduate students and colleagues have shared how it has been so refreshing to read through the lens of “this is what it’s really like” for servant leaders who do their best to treat others with care and respect—while growing ethical, effective ‘community’ schools.

And this same model has worked best for me in developing articles on the topic of being a servant leader in life and work. It seems at the end of the day, I write naturally and without strain when circling back to sharing from my heart.

So, advice to any new authors, or those presently struggling with a current project…Gravitate to your passion—that which you know needs to be shared in a genuine giving from your experiences that will be a help to others.

Dr. Rocky Wallace is Professor of Education at Campbellsville University, and has helped develop the graduate ed leadership program for CU. He has done similar work for Morehead State University and Asbury University. He is a former principal of a U.S. Blue Ribbon School, and has published 12 books on servant leadership and school improvement with Rowman & Littlefield.