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The most useful textbook & academic writing posts of the week: November 20, 2015

November is rapidly coming to a close. How are you The only real advice you can give anyone is to keep writing. David Sedarisprogressing with your #AcWriMo goals? Are you finding work-life balance? Are you in a writing slump? In this week’s post you’ll find advice for tackling those challenges and more. However, I’d like for you to also consider this: does “the answer” have to be a complicated, over-the-top formula? Or, could it be really quite simple? As simple as David Sedaris suggests, “The only real advice you can give anyone is to keep writing.” I don’t know about you, but I like simple. So for now my mantra is: When in doubt, write it out.

Happy writing!

The rise of writing events gives PhD students the support often lacking in universities
This article looks at the rising popularity of writing events and some benefits of participating in one. Here at TAA, we just recently launched a Writing Accountability Group within our online member community, CONNECT. If you’re looking for a place of support, encouragement, and accountability with your writing, I encourage you to login and join that group! (Not a TAA member? Join today!)

Texas rejects allowing academics to fact-check public school textbooks
This is your industry news piece of the week. What do you think about this ruling?

Surviving an Academic Slump
Have you ever experienced a slump in your academic writing? You are not alone. Theresa MacPhail shares her “sophomore slump” experience and way in which others can get through theirs.

Ask The Chefs: How Does The Increased Use of Adjunct Faculty Affect Scholarly Publishing?
Both interesting and informational views from the “Chefs” on whether the increase in adjunct faculty has impacted scholarly publishing. What is your opinion on this matter? Share it in the comments below.

21 Ways a Reader Might Find Your Author Website
Ever wonder how someone might happen upon your author website? Here are 21 ways for you to consider.

Real-Time Co-Authoring in Word 2016
Real-time co-authoring in Microsoft Word! Cool! Check out this video to see this feature in action in the latest version of Microsoft Word.

#acwri strategy – start small, amplify, then rehearse
This piece is an excellent reminder that not only is it okay to spend a good amount of time in the pre-writing stage, it is also often necessary.

Achieving Work-Life Balance
This piece by Danielle Marias seems an appropriate reminder with the Thanksgiving holiday less than a week away. It is essential in reducing stress and improving productivity to take breaks and refresh.