The most useful textbook & academic writing posts of the week: November 20, 2015

November is rapidly coming to a close. How are you The only real advice you can give anyone is to keep writing. David Sedarisprogressing with your #AcWriMo goals? Are you finding work-life balance? Are you in a writing slump? In this week’s post you’ll find advice for tackling those challenges and more. However, I’d like for you to also consider this: does “the answer” have to be a complicated, over-the-top formula? Or, could it be really quite simple? As simple as David Sedaris suggests, “The only real advice you can give anyone is to keep writing.” I don’t know about you, but I like simple. So for now my mantra is: When in doubt, write it out.

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Collaboration: How to determine author order [Infographic]

Collaborating on a writing project can offer many advantages, but how do you determine in which order each author’s name should appear? Check out the infographic below to help you decide!
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The most useful textbook & academic writing posts of the week: July 3, 2015

Writing is like exploring a new place you’ve never been to before. If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.As with exploring, writing can be exciting and fast paced, but it can also be scary and difficult, or it can cause you to pause and reflect. Some explorations are done alone, while others are done with a companion or a group, just as writing can be done in solidarity or in a group setting. By exploring or writing with others, they are there to push you, to focus you, and to help you along the way. You might tread carefully along the path unsure of where it is taking you or what might be around the next corner. Just as often, writing can leave you feeling unsure and where to go next on the page. Although [Read more…]

What to consider before co-authoring

Writing Accountability PartnerCo-authorship can be an extremely valuable experience for academic authors, but it can also pose unique challenges. When selecting a co-author it is important to consider several factors—including his or her area of expertise, writing ability and personality—in order to ensure that the co-author experience is a positive and successful one. It is also important to assess a potential co-author’s level of commitment to ensure that all parties are truly vested in the project. [Read more…]