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Top 10 gift ideas for writers

‘Tis the season for thinking (or struggling to think) of and giving the perfect gift to give the writer in your life. Luckily for you, I have done the thinking for you and compiled a great list of gifts for any writer. Fair warning, the gifts below range from practical to wacky, but you’re sure to find at least one that the writer in your life will appreciate!?

Happy holidays!

  1. Superpower Mug
    Many writing sessions are fueled by coffee. Get the writer in your life a mug that not only holds their coffee but also reminds them that they have superpowers. Or if you’re feeling extra cheeky, get them this mug.
  2. Carbonite
    No writer should ever experience the incredible pain of losing his or her work because it wasn’t backed up. This is the gift every writer will love.
  3. Pencil Flats
    There are no words to express just how amazing these are. The female writer in your life will love them. Just make sure to get her shoe size right.
  4. Note candle
    Because candles are calming and a writer can never have too many surfaces to write on.
  5. Standing desk
    Show the writer in your life just how much you care about them by purchasing a standing desk! Sitting for long stretches is hard on the body.
  6. Evernote Premium
    Just do it. Trust me.
  7. Writing quote t-shirt
    Every writer needs a little motivation and these t-shirts do just that. Perfect for anytime, not just while writing.
  8. A massage
    Sitting (or standing) at a desk for hours on end is hard on a writer’s body—so it’s a no brainer to give them the gift of relaxation! Plus, a relaxed and refreshed mind is more likely to get words down on to the page.
  9. How to Write a Lot: A Practical Guide to Productive Academic Writing
    Because every writer wants to know how to write a lot and be more productive.
  10. Registration to TAA’s 29th Annual Textbook & Academic Writing Conference
    The textbook or academic writer in your life will surely appreciate this gift, especially if they already are planning to attend.

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Spread the joy of the gift giving season and share in the comments below your perfect gift idea for a writer!