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The most useful textbook & academic writing posts of the week: December 4, 2015

"Writer's block is for people who have the luxury of time." - Jodi PicoultDecember is here! As much as I’m not a winter person, I do love the month of December—Christmas lights, cookies, family, and eggnog are just a few of the joys of this time of year. The start of December means the end of November and #AcWriMo (Academic Writing Month). Did you reach all of the goals you set out to reach during November? With the holidays and the end of the semester in full swing, your writing may take a bit of a back burner. However, if you prioritize and make the time to still write, your writing won’t have to simmer on that back burner for long. And, as the wise Jodi Picoult said—in regards to writer’s block not the holidays, but the same principle applies—“Writer’s block is for people who have the luxury of time.”

Happy writing!

As Grows, Some Scholars Voice Concerns
This article explores whether or not academics should be boycotting the popular site What are your thoughts?

10 Productivity Tips Using the Pomodoro Technique
Meggin McIntosh always gives excellent, clear, and concise advice. This is a short 5-minute vlog (video blog) in which McIntosh first explains the pomodoro technique then gives ten tips for using this method.

#acwri strategy – the PowerPoint shuffle
What does your academic writing shuffle look like? Do you use PowerPoint like Pat Thomson, or do you have another preferred tool?

Becoming more creative in academic work
Patrick Dunleavy offers and explores six tips for being more creative or innovative in research. Well worth the read.

November 2015 Academic Writing Month
This is a round up of “some of the best tips and tools from 2015 #acwrimo”. You’ll find tips, articles, infographics, and more on everything academic writing.

Networking: how to ‘market’ yourself at conferences
Although the tips given in this article are directed at attendees of academic conferences and not normally something I would include in my list for most useful writing posts, it seemed a fitting piece with early registration having just opened this week for our annual conference in June. Also, much of the advice given is applicable to any conference you may attend.

Article Throwback

Priority and Productivity | March 21, 2014
This article, by Rachael Cayley, is a thoughtful piece on being open to productivity advice.

Rejection as a Challenge | August 12, 2012
I strongly believe the message in this piece to “see rejections as challenges.” I apply a similar concept to fitness—turn your excuses into challenges—that you can apply to writing. Instead of the excuse “I only have 10 minutes on the train, hardly enough time to write” turn it into your challenge “How much writing can I accomplish in 10 minutes on the train?”