10 Gifts for writers this holiday season

It’s the time of year to seriously think about the gifts to Gift Boxgive this holiday season. I’ve complied a great list of gifts for writers, where you are sure to find a last-minute gift for that special someone, cross that always hard to buy for friend/relative/loved one/colleague off your list, or, just maybe, you are like me, with hardly any shopping done and feeling slightly overwhelmed that Christmas is a mere two weeks away (yikes!). The best part of Christmas–besides spending time with family and eating cookies–is giving gifts.

Whether you are looking for a practical gift (or a wacky gift) for the writer in your life, you’re sure to find at least one on this list.

1. Field Notes: “Expedition” Edition
This notebook is both waterproof and tear proof. Perfect for when inspiration strikes in the shower, or when tearing all the pages out seems like a good idea at the time, or for the research writer out in the field taking notes.

2. Noise Cancelling Headphones (Consumer Reports top picks)
Writing is hard enough let alone all of the distractions that can make it near impossible. These headphones will help writers block the noise and get to writing.

3. Paperback Cologne
Who doesn’t love the smell of books or a library? Even if you don’t, this gift is great for any writer in your life.

4. Get Crap Done Pen
For when the writer in your life needs to meet a deadline. Results may vary.

5. Research Writer by ActiveScholar
Specifically designed for academic writers, this tool allows for capturing, maintaining, and organizing research information all in one spot.

6. Dragon Naturally Speaking
Sometimes it’s just easier to speak it rather than write it. Many textbook and academic writers have this tool at the top of their must-have list.

7. Writing Dishware
Because this is just awesome!

8. Scrivener
Keeping all of that research together and organized is a huge task. Scrivener helps organize everything in one place. Plus, it’s also a word processor.

9. Your Favorite Book on a T-shirt
For the ultimate cool factor for the literary junkie: a t-shirt with the entire book printed on it. You have to see it to believe it.

10. The gift of TAA!
This is a no brainer. Check out all the great reasons why giving the gift of TAA is the best gift this holiday season.

Want a unique way to wrap your gift? Check out our newest textbook craft, How to make a gift box, for a step-by-step tutorial for using used textbooks to wrap your gift.

Spread the joy of the gift giving season and share in the comments below your perfect gift idea for a writer! Happy holidays!