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Join us 5/18 for the TAA webinar, ‘5 Ways to Use Your Dissertation for Publications’

Doing Qualitative Research OnlineYou spent a lot of time conducting research and writing a dissertation, thesis, or capstone project. You are well aware of the pressure to get your work published, in order to get hired or advance in your academic or professional field. Where do you start?

Janet Salmons, PhD, of Vision2Lead, Inc., mined every element of her dissertation to launch a publishing strategy that has resulted in five books, numerous chapters and cases, articles and blog posts. She created a typology of five options for drawing from, building on, or applying your student writing. This webinar is relevant those who have graduated recently as well as to people whose dissertations have been sitting on the shelf for a while.Join us Wednesday, May 18, from 3-4 p.m. ET for this one-hour webinar, “5 Ways to Use Your Dissertation for Publications”, to learn the options you can consider for:

  • Setting publication and career goals and creating a strategy
  • Looking critically at each element as well as the whole dissertation or thesis
  • Understanding publication options and processes: scholarly, professional, and/or popular
  • Identifying what option(s) to pursue

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