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TAA Upcoming Fall Webinars for Textbook & Academic Authors

Join us for these 60-minute live, interactive sessions that connect you to experts discussing a variety of topics designed especially for textbook and academic authors. Free for members! Join TAA today for only $30.

Nathaniel LambertPublish & Prosper: Strategies for Becoming a More Productive Scholar

Podcast now available in TAA’s Podcast Library

Intended to help you succeed in academia by increasing your scholarly productivity, this webinar provides strategies for getting articles published quickly in reputable research journals. Rather than focusing on the basics of writing about results, this unique webinar, presented by Nathaniel Mark Lambert, Ph.D., author of Publish and Prosper: A Strategy Guide for Students and Researchers provides tips on how to approach research, maintain motivation, maximize productivity, and overcome common pitfalls so as to become a productive scholar. Register

Kristin SaininiPrinciples of Effective Scientific Writing

Podcast now available in TAA’s Podcast Library

From writing grants to authoring scientific papers and textbooks, writing is an imperative skill at any stage of one’s career. Join Kristin Sainani, of Stanford University, for practical tips on how to improve your writing abilities. Topics covered: how to recognize common writing mistakes, write more concisely and clearly, and avoid “academic” writing habits. Register

Stylish Academic WritingHow to Overcome the Perfectionism, Procrastination & Fatigue That Get in the Way of Your Writing

Podcast now available in TAA’s Podcast Library

How do you overcome perfectionism, procrastination, and fatigue? Or more concerning, What do you do when you face writing anxiety that goes beyond “normal”? Based her personal experience, studies of post-traumatic stress recovery, and the work of University of Houston professor Brené Brown, Ashley Sanders will walk you through the issues underlying these common challenges. Learn practical how-to’s to overcome stressful or traumatic writing/feedback experiences to develop writing resilience and perseverance to achieve your potential. Register

Meggin McIntoshHunks, Chunks and Bites (Or How to Eat an Elephant): Managing Your Small & Large Writing Projects

Two-part webinar
Dates: Thursday, October 23, 3-4 p.m. ET & Thursday, October 30, 3-4 p.m. ET

This webinar by Meggin McIntosh, PhD, President of Emphasis on Excellence, Inc., will offer structures and strategies for conceptualizing and completing your projects. It is for academics who have writing projects that they want to complete and are frustrated by not getting them completed—and who may not be sure why they aren’t getting them completed (or even started!) Register

Meggin will also be presenting the mini-webinar for TAA’s October Dissertators United Chapter Writing Boot Camp. Registration for the October boot camp opens September 22. Learn more about TAA’s DU Writing Boot Camps

Meagan Kittle AutryHow to Write an Introduction That Will Get Your Article Accepted

Date: Monday, November 3, 2-3 p.m. ET

The introduction to your article is arguably the hardest but yet most important section to write. If you don’t convince the editor and reviewers of key things from the start, your article probably won’t be accepted. A classic study by Swales shows that research article introductions tend to follow a specific pattern that your readers expect. In this one-hour webinar, Meagan Kittle Autry, Director of Thesis and Dissertation Support Services at NC State University, will explain this pattern, show you how to make its 3 key moves, and help you to make a stronger case for your research to get published. As a bonus: this pattern carries over to other important genres you likely write, such as grant proposals. Register