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Want to feel more joyful when writing? This 2023 TAA Conference session is for you

“I want to feel more joyful through the process of my writing.” If this statement resonates, you will not want to miss the 2023 TAA Conference session, “Empowering Joyful Writing”, by Dr. Tracey Hodges, Owner and Chief Creative Officer of The Empowering Advocate LLC.

The stressors of current life are pushing more and more people to seek joy in their work. Writing is one task that may not spark joy for many of us— it is challenging, vulnerable, and time-consuming. However, this session will explore strategies and mindsets that will allow you to engage in more joyful writing and appreciate the process. You will crave the challenge, honor the vulnerability, and embrace the time spent on this tracy hodgestask as a result.

Hodges is the Owner and Chief Creative Officer of The Empowering Advocate LLC, an educational research and coaching company, as well as a Senior Business Analyst for Elm Creek Technical & Professional Services LLC. Dr. Hodges’ interests include writing instruction, youth literature, instrument development, mentoring, academic writing, and project management. She is the editor of three research handbooks and author of more than 50 scholarly articles.

Network. Gain Knowledge. Leave Inspired! Register for the 35th Annual TAA Conference on Textbook & Academic Authoring, which will be held online June 9-10, 2023. The first 25 registrants will receive three free eBooks:

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