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Check the Authors Coalition of America’s author list: You could be owed royalties

The Authors Coalition of America, LLC, has identified a number of American authors who may be due royalty payments from non-U.S. sources. These royalties have been received to compensate authors for the foreign reprographic use of U.S. copyrighted materials.

While the majority of reprographic royalties distributed to ACA are the result of surveys and samplings in foreign countries done on a non-title specific basis, and therefore are remitted to organizations representing the categories of authors for whom the funds were collected (like TAA), ACA also receives royalties due individual authors from select countries that collect by title-specific methods.

Visit the Authors Coalition website to see if your name is included on their list of authors who are currently due non-U.S. title-specific royalties. If you believe some of these funds are yours, you will also find the documents and information that ACA will require from you.

ACA was founded in 1994 and today is a coalition of 22 American Author Member Organizations. ACA is an Associate Member of the International Federation of Reprographic Rights Organizations (“IFRRO”). You do not need to belong to any of their Member Organizations to receive funds if they are due to you.