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Join us for the 4/21 webinar, ‘3 Essential Steps to Breaking Your Writing Block’

Cassie Premo SteeleYou know the feeling. You have a writing project and you have a deadline. You think about the project all the time—but when you sit down to write, nothing comes. You do the dishes. You check Facebook. You run an errand. You organize your file cabinet, for goodness sake! You have so much energy for everything—except for writing.

Could you have a case of the dreaded writing block? Join us Thursday, April 21, from 12-1 pm ET, for the TAA webinar, “3 Essential Steps to Breaking Your Writing Block”, where writing coach Cassie Premo Steele will share:

    • What causes a writing block and how you can transform it
    • How mindfulness principles can help you move back to writing with ease
    • Why the first five minutes of your writing time are the most important
    • What 3 steps you can take (beginning now!) to cure your writing block

Cassie Premo Steele, Ph.D., is an award-winning academic with 20 years of teaching experience, a writing coach who specializes in working with academics worldwide, and the author of 13 books, most recently Earth Joy Writing. Her articles about writing can be found at the Huffington Post, Literary Mama, and the TAA blog. She brings her expertise in feminist theory, creative coaching, and mindfulness together in her innovative program, The Feminar, which teaches academic women how to break through writing blocks and feel joy about their research and teaching again. TAA members receive a 35% discount on her coaching services.

This webinar is for TAA members only. Join today to participate!