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5 Key takeaways from today’s OneNote webinar

OneNoteIn today’s webinar, “Get Organized With ‘OneNote'”, presenter Eric Schmieder shared tips on using OneNote to organize your thoughts, ideas and projects. Here are 5 key takeaways from the presentation:

  1. OneNote is an electronic notebook that allows you to organize with sections, add pages, type anywhere,  include images, screen captures, tables, audio and video notes, and tag content for (easy) later access.
  2. OneNote is available anytime, anywhere, on multiple devices – phones, computers, tablets, iOS or Android.
  3. Content created in OneNote integrates with other Microsoft products and can be printed and shared collaboratively with others using OneDrive. Join Eric’s notebook.
  4. OneNote offers flexibility to place content where you want on the page, even overlapping existing content. It also allows for visual note taking, not just typed notes.
  5. OneNote’s “ask me anything” feature, new to the 2016 version, accesses the product’s help line. Type in what you want to do and be taken directly to that feature or be given help documentation associated with it.

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