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The most useful textbook & academic writing posts of the week: January 8, 2016

You always get the best ideas when there is no pen or paper around.The holidays are over and it’s time to get back into the swing of work, writing, and finding balance. Did you set any writing resolutions or intentions this year? As is typical this time of year, many of the posts below are focused around writing resolutions. There are, however, other excellent articles on textbook proposals and contracts that are a must read.

Happy writing!

Happy 2016!
This is an excellent piece on setting manageable resolutions for the New Year. I particularly love this quote, “It’s not about changing who we are overnight: it’s about continuing to be kind to ourselves, broadening our horizons and improving where we can.”

Academic publishing business is all about status
This is an interesting look at the prestige of academic journals and how that prestige has influenced the open access movement.

Taking small steps – yoga reminds me of writing
Narelle Lemon shares a lovely piece on how practicing yoga can be like practicing writing. And whether you like yoga, know anything about it, or have no idea what the difference is between a downward dog and warrior pose, you’ll find this article useful.

Advice for would-be textbook authors on approaching a publisher and writing a proposal
Thinking about your first textbook project and how to submit your proposal to the right publisher? Read this piece for advice from Senior Acquisitions Editor of SAGE College Division, Helen Salmon.

Get Yourself a NO committee
Are you saying “yes” too often? Perhaps you should enlist the help of a “no committee.”

What’s the secret of good writing?
Have you practiced the advice of Robert Boice to harness the power for effective writing? If not, I suggest you read this article. ?

Stop Forcing Authors to Take Unlimited Financial Risks
Are you aware what the non-negotiable warranty and indemnity clauses in your contract mean? Or the financial liability this could cause you by signing a contract that has those terms? If not, this is your must read.

Do This One Thing When You are Experiencing Writer’s Block
L. Ayu Saraswati asks, “if there is one thing you could do to get rid of writer’s block forever, would you do it?” It sounds a bit like opening Pandora’s box, but Saraswati’s solution is really quite simple.

Writing and Goals in 2016
Part of holding one’s self accountable is to share goals publically and that is exactly what Lisa Munro does in this post. I think you’ll also find this post both useful and motivating in setting your own goals.

Get More Writing Done – Establish Routines
Another brilliant piece by Meggin McIntosh filled with excellent advice for establishing a habit of writing.