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Select 2015 TAA Conference presentations now available on demand

Select presentations from TAA’s 2015 TAA Conference in San Antonio, TX are now available on demand. Access to these presentations is free for all TAA members. Learn how to jump-start your academic writing, reach your productivity peak, publish a disciplinarily education paper, make your textbook more memorable to your audience, design and author better assessment exercises, be an effective collaborator, write a non-fiction book proposal, and more! Visit TAA’s library of Presentations on Demand

Presentations include:

Educational Publishing In Your Discipline
Phil Wankat, Distinguished Professor in Chemical Engineering and Engineering Education, Purdue University

, shares a step-by-step procedure for developing, writing and publishing a disciplinary education paper, including methods for negotiating the hazards of the peer review process.

Jump-Start Your Academic Writing: Simple Digital Tools to Grow and Maintain Your Writing Habit
Margarita Huerta, Assistant Professor Educational and Clinical Studies, University of Nevada, Las Vegas and Jennifer Travis, Professor of Mathematics, Lone Star College-North Harris, share how simple digital tools can bump your academic writing to a new level and keep your writing momentum going so that you can continue your writing journey with fresh ideas and insights.

Innovations in Digital Book Technology: Brainstorming Textbook Applications
Panelists Dan Oja, President, Media Technics Corporation; June Jamrich Parsons, Author & Educator; Laura Frost, Professor of Chemistry at Florida Gulf Coast University; and Al Trujillo, Distinguished Teaching Professor of Earth Sciences, Palomar College, demonstrate technological features and then ask the panel and audience how they might apply that feature in textbooks. The goal is to get authors actively involved in thinking about current and possible features of digital textbooks and how those features might change and hopefully improve their own textbooks in the future.

Placement Matters! The Multimedia Principle
Laura Frost, Director of Whitaker Center, STEM Education and Professor of Chemistry, Florida Gulf Coast University, examines ways that you can make your text and your presentations more memorable to your audience by minimalizing extraneous processing, managing essential processing, and fostering generative processing.

Digital Book Report 2015
Join veteran digital author June Jamrich Parsons for a top-level update on the forces currently shaping the textbook market. This year’s presentation includes student demographics, emerging pedagogies, market dynamics, and a snapshot of technology trends affecting authors and the work we produce.

A SAMR Approach to Designing and Authoring Better Assessment Exercises
Eric J. Schmieder, Computer Technology Instructor, Johnston Community College, describes methods for textbook authors to incorporate the SAMR approach in their design and authoring of assessment activities for classroom use and instructor resources that will engage students at a higher level of learning through technology integration.

Beyond Just Teambuilding: Sailing Through Effective Collaboration
Tracy S. Hodges and Katherine Landau Wright, doctoral students at Texas A&M University, provide suggestions and tips for collaboration based on our own triumphant and sometimes tragic experiences.

Reaching Your Productivity Peak: Technology Maximizing Your Research and Publishing
Kathleen P. King, Professor of Adult and Higher Education at the University of South Florida, Tampa, introduces strategies to use technology for tracking and managing your research and publishing agendas effectively.

Playing Your Social Media Cards Right: Practical, Effective, and Manageable Tips to Get Noticed Online
Miranda Walichowski, Undergraduate Coordinator of Bilingual Education Teacher Preparation at Texas A&M University, and Jose Luis Zelaya, a Ph.D. candidate at Texas A&M University, cover best-practices and little known tips for maximizing Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, podcasting and video use, and blogging.

Writing a Non-Fiction Book Proposal: More Than Meets the Eye
Dannelle Stevens, Professor Curriculum and Instruction for Portland State University, explores the detective work and reflective work that are key components in writing and receiving that first book contract.

Marketing? You’re Kidding Me! I’m an Academic! Marketing that Matters (Lessons from a Puffin)
In this focused and practical session by Meggin McIntosh, Professor Emerita at the University of Nevada, Reno, you’ll learn how to create awareness of and interest in your own work with the right people. You’ll know how to obtain your MWR (Most Wanted Response), which tools to use to strengthen your relationship with potential readers, and how to gain “mindshare” in the very crowded space that is your reader’s brain. Expect to learn and laugh in this content-rich session and then start integrating what you learn the same day you learn what our presenter has for you.

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