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Academic writing tips from an author of 300+ articles and books

Veteran author Kenneth Henson has spent a career learning how to write grants, articles and books. He has published more than 300 national and international publications, including 56 books. He presents workshops on grant writing and writing for publication at campuses nationwide.

The following are two tips from Henson’s new academic and grant writing tips page on Facebook & LinkedIn:

“Be sure to offer something the readers don’t know. One of the most frequent errors leading to rejection is failure to offer something new. Write about your recent research findings, or use a one-page questionnaire to gather fresh information to share in your articles.”

“Robert Louis Stevenson said you should carry a pencil and tablet everywhere you go because some of the best ideas come at the least-expected times, and many never return. I use his tip to turn wasted time and boredom into good writing time. Much of my writing is done in doctors’ and dentists’ offices, airports, food courts, and garages.”

For more academic and grant writing tips by Henson, visit his Facebook or LinkedIn page.