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Busy TAA People: TAA Member Margarita Huerta’s Work Reaches the 1,000 Mark for Citations

TAA member Margarita Huerta, PhD, writer and Founder of Real Academics, reached the 1,000 mark for citations on her Google Scholar profile on August 25, 2023.

Her top three most cited articles (out of 20 articles tracked by Google) include:

  • “Graduate students as academic writers: writing anxiety, self-efficacy and emotional intelligence” (2017), M Huerta, P Goodson, M Beigi, D Chlup, Higher Education Research & Development, 36 (4), 716-729. (205 citations)
  • “The effect of an instructional intervention on middle school English learners’ science and English reading achievement” (2012), R Lara‐Alecio, F Tong, BJ Irby, C Guerrero, M Huerta, Y Fan, Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 49 (8), 987-1011. (184 citations)
  • “Connecting literacy and science to increase achievement for English language learners” (2010), M Huerta, J Jackson, Early Childhood Education Journal, 38, 205-211. (62 citations)

“It’s nice to see my work keeps generating some thinking,” said Huerta. “May this encourage you all to do meaningful work. Be inspired! The publication I was MOST passionate about (regarding helping academics with their writing anxiety) is the most cited. Lesson here: Write about what you are passionate about and write it WELL.”

“Being cited means that others are finding your work useful and referring to it when they write up their own research,” she says. “In short, it’s good to ‘be cited’, and in my field (educational research) 1,000 is a great number.”