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Most useful textbook and academic posts of the week: January 21, 2022

“Read like a butterfly, write like a bee.” ~Philip PullmanThree weeks into 2022, most textbook and academic authors have begun a new semester of teaching, learning, and (of course) writing. As the new calendar year often comes with good intentions, plans for improvement, and resolutions to do and accomplish more than the year before, our collection of articles this week shares some tips and strategies for approaching your future efforts of writing, marketing, and producing your content for readers.

As you work on your writing this week, remember the words of Philip Pullman, “Read like a butterfly, write like a bee.” Happy Writing!

10 Tips for Writing High-Quality Papers More Quickly

It takes time to write a high-quality paper and make it look good for yourself, your company, or your teacher. Writing of any sort takes time to do and it can be a complex process. This is why you may want to go for the right strategy, use of tools, and proper help on the sides. In this article, we’re going to focus on loads of different tips and tricks that will help you write quickly and efficiently. Keep on reading and apply some of them for a high-quality paper.

This is *not* your new year, new start

The beginning of the calendar year is accompanied by a lot of cultural pressure to reflect on the year just ended and make some big decisions about the year ahead. Reflection and planning are both practices I encourage. However, if you work in higher education and live in Europe or North America, January really does not feel like the beginning of a new year. In fact, it’s more like the middle of the year, which means it’s really normal to feel like you are in the middle of things.

Refresh your writing ideas

If you are in the middle of revising a draft, or coming to the end of a big text you won’t want to stop right now to read. But now might be the very time that you need to step back. It is always worth considering taking a little time out to refresh your take on academic writing. Through using reading.

3 Ways For Nonfiction Writers to Plant Marketing Seeds

Nothing like a book contract to make you aware of what everyone else is doing. And you want to know what works best, right? The problem is, we’re looking for one formula in an industry that’s basically at the whim and whimsy of personal preference and word of mouth.

How to Plan and Host Worthwhile Online Book Events

Since the pandemic arrived in early 2020, the entirety of the publishing community has turned its eye toward online events as a key way to spread word of mouth about books. And a lot continues to ride on the success of these events. Yet how many authors have been effectively trained in staging a meaningful online event—especially one that translates into sales? I reached out to some of the most experienced and astute authors and marketers to share their best practices for online book events, regardless of the platform you’re using.

This Audiobook Was Narrated By No One

High-level text-to-speech technology (TTS) has made it possible for Siri and Alexa to answer questions and follow commands for a decade. Now, the latest in TTS may mean TTFN – ta-ta for now! – for traditionally-produced audiobooks.