TweetChat Recap: #AcWriChat 11/3 – Get Organized

AcWriMoOn November 3rd, TAA co-hosted its first TweetChat event with SAGE Methodspace as part of Academic Writing Month (AcWriMo). The focus on this event was getting organized with your academic writing projects. Six questions were presented during the hour-long event on type of project, inspiration, organization steps, audience influence, desired impact, and next steps. The full conversation is available in the Storify record below. Mark your calendar and join the discussion this Friday, November 17th at 11am ET as we discuss writing productivity. Simply log in to your Twitter account and search for #AcWriChat. As questions are posted, tag your responses with the #AcWriChat hashtag. See you there! [Read more…]

10 MORE inspirational writing quotes [In photos]

Are you in need of a little motivation to jump-start the writing process? Or how about a break from writing to get you re-inspired? Sometimes all it takes to get the words flowing are a few minutes to read inspiring quotes, a fresh brewed cup of coffee, and time to relax. So, enjoy these quotes and happy writing! [Read more…]

The most useful textbook & academic writing posts of the week: January 9, 2014

Winter break is rapidly coming to an end for there is no perfect time to write_kingsolver quotemany of you. Soon you will have to try and find that work-life and writing time balance. For some, you may find that a daily schedule offers more structure in which you can more easily build in writing time. Others may find it more freeing to write whenever the feeling or time seems right, something that winter break allows. I personally, although my writing is focused on blogging (professionally and personally), seem to do my best writing when struck by some sort of feeling. Inspiration for me often comes when I’m thinking of nothing at all and too many things at once—when I’m running, when I’m in the shower, driving my car—all moments when I can’t be writing. But, like the quote I’ve selected for this week from Barbara Kingsolver says, “There is no perfect time to write. There is only now.” We have to stop waiting for that perfect time and just make time to get words down on the page. Hopefully some of the articles below will help you do that, or at least distract you long enough to get the juices flowing again. Happy writing! [Read more…]

When you need writing inspiration

Sometimes you just need a little inspiration to help you jump-start your creativity or break your writer’s block. Here are some writing inspirations. To view more, visit TAA’s Pinterest board, Writer’s Inspiration. Share your writing inspirational quotes in the comments section, or email them to

Write Without Fear. Edit Without Mercy.Authors must persist in the face of rejection and not take rejection personally.

Too much academic writing is fear-based. Writing clearly requires courage.