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Exercises in writing accountability – The TAA Writing Gym

The TAA Writing Gym has officially opened its doors for the first time and we are excited to announce that 173 TAA members have committed to a six-week workout regimen in writing accountability.

From July 16 through August 26, TAA Writing Gym participants will be held accountable for their weekly writing goals by logging hours as they work on their individual writing projects. To support and encourage their progress, the gym provides weekly motivational writing classes, writing stations filled with exclusive TAA resources, and a listserv for communication with other gym members.

Weekly writing classes

Each Monday a new writing class will be released to gym members with on-demand access continuing through the six weeks of the program, as follows:

  • July 16– Susan Robison kicks things off with ways to develop effective writing goals in the first class, “Eye on the Prize: Create Goals That Move You Forward”
  • July 23– Michael Greer focuses on revisions to meet different expectations in the second class, “Be a Team Player: Write for Your Audience”
  • July 30– Eric Schmieder offers easy-to-use strategies for improved writing performance in the third class, “Proper Technique: Organize, Document and Present Your Research”
  • August 6– John Bond demonstrates proofreading techniques for trimming the fat from your manuscript in the fourth class, “Lose the Academese: Be Smart Without Trying to Sound Smart”
  • August 13– Barbara Price helps participants tone and shape early efforts into a more finished result in the fifth class, “Hone Your Skills: Proof and Revise Your Work”
  • August 20– Noelle Sterne encourages members to finish their gym time as strong as they started in the final class, “Get Started, Continue Your Draft, and Finish!”

TAA Writing Gym writing stations

To help TAA Writing Gym participants with their personal writing skill development, seven writing stations are equipped with focused resources in the following areas:

  • Pedagogy and methodology
  • Editing and revising
  • Document structure and organization
  • Project management
  • Writing strategies
  • Copyright & permissions
  • Dissertation writing

Accountability built in

Gym members are in this together

Gym members will encourage and support each other throughout the process. The accountability starts with the registration process where gym members provide a brief introduction that allows members to identify others with similar interests or objectives.

Each member will develop a personalized Workout Plan

Described in the first writing class, each participant will then develop a personalized six-week Workout Plan that will be published in the gym. Members are encouraged to create a plan that works for them, work their plan, and encourage others to meet their expressed goals over the six weeks.

Track your time and earn recognition

Each time a member works on their writing project or participates in gym activities they will log their start and end times in the gym. The hours logged will be rewarded with certificates of accomplishment at the end of the six weeks.

Communication is encouraged

All gym members are subscribed to a dedicated TAA Writing Gym listserv where they can share questions, accomplishments, or encouragement with other gym members. Delivered via email, participants will know they are in this together.

The future of the TAA Writing Gym

At this time registration for the TAA Writing Gym is closed and new members are not being accepted for this six weeks, but if you are interested in being part of a future offering, please email Kim Pawlak at to be added to our waiting list.

In the meantime, we encourage you to practice your own writing routine and explore the resources on our blog, Abstract, and throughout the TAA website to support you along the way.