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Can I help you in any way? Self-publishing

Can I help you in any way? Self-publishing“Hello, thank you for visiting. Can I help you in any way?” If you’ve browsed our TAA website, you’ve likely seen those words in the chat box that appears on the screen. We’re often asked by visitors if we’re “real”. Then those who realize that we are, and that we are there to help, ask questions that you may have as well.  

In this series of “Can I help you in any way?” posts, we’ll highlight some of the questions people have asked through the TAA Live Chat feature of our site and the responses we have for those questions. In this post, we’re focused on a question about self-publishing.

The TAA blog is full of resources on a wide variety of subjects for textbook and academic authors. In fact, we have an entire category of articles dedicated to the topic of self-publishing. Included in this collection are the following items:

This visitor was specifically interested in information “regarding self-publishing eBooks”, so I also shared with them an article on the Kindle Textbook Creator tool from Amazon.  

Have you self-published an eBook? What advice can you share for success in this area? Comment below.  

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Eric Schmieder

Eric Schmieder is the Membership Marketing Manager for TAA. He has taught computer technology concepts to curriculum, continuing education, and corporate training students since 2001. A lifelong learner, teacher, and textbook author, Eric seeks to use technology in ways that improve results in his daily processes and in the lives of those he serves. His latest textbook, Web, Database, and Programming: A foundational approach to data-driven application development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, and PHP, First Edition, is available now through Sentia Publishing.