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Can I help you in any way? Courses and workshops

Can I help you in any way? Courses and workshops“Hello, thank you for visiting. Can I help you in any way?” If you’ve browsed our TAA website, you’ve likely seen those words in the chat box that appears on the screen. We’re often asked by visitors if we’re “real”. Then those who realize that we are, and that we are there to help, ask questions that you may have as well.

In this series of “Can I help you in any way?” posts, we’ll highlight some of the questions people have asked through the TAA Live Chat feature of our site and the responses we have for those questions. In this post, we’re focused on a question about textbook writing courses or workshops.

Recently one of our visitors came onto the chat “looking for textbook writing courses or workshops that could help [them] to develop [their] textbook” and asked, “Could you suggest any place where to look for those kind of workshops?”

The first place I suggested to this visitor was our TAA webinar series. With fresh lineups each fall and spring, there are often opportunities for learning tips of the trade from experienced authors who are willing to share their advice with TAA members. I also shared that all of our past webinars are available in the growing library of Presentations on Demand available 24/7 to all TAA members.

The second option available directly through TAA that I conveyed to this visitor are our TAA workshops. TAA workshops are designed to help faculty at the host institution move from writing to publication, include an Institutional Membership to TAA, and are expert-led on a variety of textbook and academic topics, including the following two textbook writing workshops:

Beyond TAA’s resources, I also suggested exploring the online course offerings at Udemy and edX for additional options. LinkedIn Learning is another resource for professional development opportunities in online course and video format.

Although the TAA webinars and presentations on demand require a membership, I encouraged this visitor to explore all of our resources through a 30-day trial membership available for just $10. If you’re not a TAA member, perhaps this option will help you as well.

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Eric Schmieder

Eric Schmieder is the Membership Marketing Manager for TAA. He has taught computer technology concepts to curriculum, continuing education, and corporate training students since 2001. A lifelong learner, teacher, and textbook author, Eric seeks to use technology in ways that improve results in his daily processes and in the lives of those he serves. His latest textbook, Web, Database, and Programming: A foundational approach to data-driven application development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, and PHP, First Edition, is available now through Sentia Publishing.