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Cengage announces launch of new ‘Author Relations Team’

Cengage announces the launch of its new three-member “Author Relations” team, which will be responsible for working with its higher education authors on their business-specific needs and questions related to contracts and royalties.

According to a post on their blog that answered questions posed by TAA last fall, “The AR team will take lead on working with authors regarding royalties across the board. Each author will have an AR rep that they can call directly with questions of that nature.”

The Author Relations team includes Director of Author Relations, Catherine Schnurr; Author Relations Manager, Xavier Aguilar; and Author Relations Manager, Jennifer Bowes. Schnurr and Aguilar are new hires, and Bowes had worked with Cengage for five years as an Intellectual Property Analyst.

Cengage authors can contact the AR team at

TAA encourages authors to share their experiences with Cengage’s new Author Relations Team by contacting Kim Pawlak at