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Your writing accountability partner this summer: The TAA Writing Gym

Writing GymFlex your writing muscles in the TAA Writing Gym. This 6-week work-out-on-your-own gym time will serve as your writing accountability partner as you work to achieve your writing goals. The gym is free with your TAA membership, and is open to those writing textbooks, scholarly journal articles, and dissertations.

The gym will be open 24 hours from July 16-August 26, 2018. The deadline for signing up is July 9.

Writing Gym JournalGym time includes:

  • A tool for developing your six-week workout plan, tracking your writing, and communicating with fellow participants
  • Weekly inspirational emails
  • Six on-demand writing classes
  • Several writing stations that allow you to target specific writing areas
  • A listserv to allow you to communicate with the writing class presenters and other participants

At the end of the six weeks, you’ll get rewarded with certificates for achieving specific goals, such as the number of days logged, the number of continuous days logged, and the number of total hours logged. Learn more.

Free for members. Sign up.

Non-members: Join TAA to participate in the Writing Gym