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Cengage promises more details about how royalties will be calculated on Cengage Unlimited subscriptions by March

In a January 25 email to its authors, Cengage said that it will have more detailed information about how royalties will be calculated on Cengage Unlimited subscriptions by March. “With the introduction of Cengage Unlimited, we know authors are keenly interested in how royalties will be calculated,” the email stated. “To answer that question, we are currently building out the Cengage Unlimited platform and assessing financial and royalty systems to enhance our ability to track student access.”

The email also outlined what they are doing between now and March, which includes: engaging their outside accounting firm to finalize their processes and financial controls for the payment of royalties; working with the Cengage technology team to establish metrics, data collection and validation requirements to ensure reporting accuracy; and continuing to develop a new, simplified royalty reporting system to incorporate Cengage Unlimited in royalty statements and payments.

Cengage also established a Cengage Author Advisory Council “to represent your voice, feedback and perspective as we look to share plans for product management and communications.” Cengage said the first meeting will take place in early February and the group will meet regularly “to gather insight and feedback from this representative group.”

The email included a list of the company’s Product Directors, including:

Visit Cengage’s Author page for more information.

Cengage announced its new Cengage Unlimited subscription service in December. Starting in August 2018, it will offer students access to all of its content for a flat fee.

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