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8 [MORE!] Academic writing blogs you should be following

Are you ready for more great academic writing blogs to follow?! The original, 8 Academic writing blogs you should be following, was so popular (and continues to be) it seemed fitting to bring you a second addition—not to mention the fact that the blogs below are worthy of being followed! In no particular order, here are eight academic writing blogs that offer superb advice on everything academic writing and publishing related, plus life as an academic:

Write, Publish, Thrive!: A Blog about Writing, Publishing and the Scholarly Life
Insightful and knowledgeable are two words that best describe Rich Furman’s blog. He also occasionally posts writing challenges to keep writers motivated and productive.

Raul Pacheco-Vega, PhD
Raul Pacheco shares practical advice and tips for academic writing. He shares his step-by-step processes accompanied by photos and screenshots for easy to follow examples.

Writing For Research
This blog covers a variety of topics related to academic writing and its process. The advice given is always excellent and worth the read.

Lisa Munro Writing and Editing
There is something refreshing about someone who is honest and relatable and that is exactly what you’ll find from Lisa Munro’s blog posts.

Sophie C. Lewis
Sophie C. Lewis mixes personal experiences with helpful tips for writing, grant writing, and more.

What I like about Vitae is that anyone in academia can submit their article so viewpoints and styles frequently change. Topics always vary, but they are almost always packed full of great tips and relatable academic life experiences.

The Research Whisperer
Here you’ll find all sorts of advice about academia and academic writing from two main contributors, Jonathan O’Donnell and Tseen Khoo, and from many guest bloggers as well. Topics range from What should you do with a toxic collaborator? to Publishing in real time and everything in-between.

Jo Van Every
Jo Van Every offers sound and practical advice for many aspects of the research and writing processes as well as publishing.