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How to get your textbook noticed by librarians and book buyers

Here’s what every book promoter and author should know: Libraries (and your local bookstore) provide a significant market for independent titles—especially self-published or those from small presses, said Kimber Bilby, ForeWord Reviews marketing director.

The American Library Association reports that public, school, college and university libraries spent over $1.9 billion on book purchases in 2007. Before you mail out copies of your book, said Bilby, keep the following in mind:

  1. List all wholesalers and distributors for your title, and place ordering information prominently on your sales sheet, including ISBN / Genre / Publisher / Publishing Date / Binding / Price / Page Count.
  2. Promote your book with a brief description (no more than three sentences). Focus on why your book would be popular. Does is touch on a hot topic, focus on health, feature zombies, or is it a patron-pleasing mystery?
  3. List your credentials.
  4. Include copies of professional book reviews. With mention of these, many libraries can then show a need to buy for their collection.
  5. Address your book and sales sheet to the library’s acquisition buyer or director.