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Be a proactive textbook author: 9 strategies for success

Textbook StackPhysical geography author Robert Christopherson, who has the bestselling physical geography book in the United States and Canada, said being a proactive author has been his key to success.

Christopherson, who retired from teaching and now writes exclusively, shares nine strategies that have helped him become a proactive author:

  1. Develop a style guide and make it specific to your textbook (basic rules, spelling and grammar)
  2. Prepare a figure and permission tracking log. Design it according to how your book is set up. Christopherson’s is 95 pages long.
  3. Be involved with your book’s design and color palette
  4. Use website links for recent news flashes
  5. Use a large computer monitor — perhaps even a flat screen
  6. Let your editor and publisher know that you’re on the cutting edge
  7. Buy a laptop for communication while traveling
  8. Have text-specific business cards printed
  9. Have a writing studio. This is critical for avoiding interruptions.