Member Spotlight: Melissa A. Paquin

Melissa A. PaquinTAA member Melissa A. Paquin is a PhD candidate and is an academic author in the biology, genetics, health sciences, and nursing disciplines.

Her most recent publication is an article titled, “Breast Cancer Risk Prediction Models: Challenges in Clinical Application”. [Read more…]

Member Spotlight: Erin M. McTigue

Erin M. McTigueTAA member Erin M. McTigue is a writing coach & research scientist and is an academic author in the literacy writing discipline.

Her most recent publication is a study about very young writers: Writing in First Grade: The Quantity and Quality of Practices, published with her Norwegian colleagues. They found, unfortunately, that many Norwegian teachers believe that students need to know all their letters and how to spell before composing. Now they are working to challenge that belief and give more opportunities to the very young authors among us. To date, she has published over 50 academic articles and book chapters in the area of education, many co-authored with fellow TAA members (e.g., Tracey Hodges, Katherine Wright, Sharon Matthews). [Read more…]

Member Spotlight: Micki M. Caskey

Literature Reviews in Support of the Middle Level Education Research AgendaMicki M. CaskeyTAA member Micki M. Caskey is a Professor and academic author in the education and middle grades education writing disciplines.

Her most recent publications include Literature reviews in support of the middle level education research agenda (2018)Imagine a place: Stories from middle grades educators (2017), and The encyclopedia of middle grades education (2016). She has also published 8 other academic books and two other textbooks. [Read more…]

Member Spotlight: Joan Wink

Joan WinkThe Power of StoryTAA member Joan Wink is Professor Emerita at California State University, Stanislaus and is both a textbook and academic author in the ESL, TESOL, curriculum & instruction, education, literacy, pedagogy, language acquisition, and critical pedagogy writing disciplines.

Her most recent publications include The Power of Story (2018) Libraries Unlimited/ABC-CLIO, Critical Pedagogy: Notes from the Real World (2011, 4e) Pearson, Teaching Passionately: What’s Love Got To Do With It? (2004) AllynBacon/Pearson, A Vision of Vygotsky (2002) AllynBacon/Pearson, and scores of academic refereed publications, years of presentations and keynotes, and her blog, WinkWorld, since 2002. [Read more…]

Member Spotlight: Susan W. Bontly

Susan W. BontlyTAA member Susan W. Bontly is a PhD student at New Mexico State University and an academic author in the curriculum & instruction, education, information technology, library science, educational, and instructional design disciplines.

Her most recent publication is titled “Impact of Technology on Post-Secondary Classroom Culture: A Critical Literature Review”. [Read more…]

Member Spotlight: Tracey S. Hodges

Tracey S. HodgesTAA member Tracey S. Hodges is an Assistant Professor at the University of Alabama and an academic author in the literacy discipline.

She most recently published an article entitled “Transacting with characters: Teaching children perspective-taking with authentic literature” which details a study conducted with her co-authors Erin McTigue, Katherine Landau Wright, Amanda Franks, and Sharon Matthews. To date, she has published 13 journal articles.  [Read more…]

Busy TAA People: Mary Kay Switzer

Mary Kay SwitzerTAA member and former TAA Council President Dr. Mary Kay Switzer will be an honored feature in noted Chinese author Shang-Wei (Albert) Chang’s book and paintings, “Six Women,” to be exhibited in Tokyo in April 8-10, 2019.  Chang and Switzer began their collaboration at California State University Pomona. Switzer has been designated Professor Emerita at that university. She is currently living in Tempe, Arizona where she is involved in theatrical productions.

Member Spotlight: Margaret Thompson Reece

Craft Your Plan for Learning Physiology, 30-Day Challenge WorkbookMargaret Thompson ReeceTAA member Margaret Thompson Reece is an educator scientist, and academic author in the health sciences, human anatomy & physiology, and neuroscience writing disciplines.

Her most recent publication is Craft Your Plan for Learning Physiology, 30-Day Challenge Workbook, 2017. She has 3 published books, 23 original research articles in peer reviewed journals, and is a co-author of chapters in 5 books on medical science. [Read more…]

Member Spotlight: Judi L. Nath

Judi L. NathProgrammed Learning Approach to Medical TerminologyTAA member Judi L. Nath is a Professor of Biology and Writer-in-Residence at Lourdes University and a textbook author in the anatomy, anatomy & physiology, and medical terminology writing discipline.

Her most recent publications are A Short Course in Medical Terminology and Programmed Learning Approach to Medical Terminology. She is a published author or co-author of 9 different textbooks covering the areas of anatomy, anatomy & physiology, and medical terminology. Here’s an accounting: Human Anatomy (9e), Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology (11e), Visual Anatomy & Physiology (3e), Anatomy & Physiology (2e), Visual Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology (1e), Using Medical Terminology (2e), A Short Course in Medical Terminology (4e), Programmed Learning Approach to Medical Terminology (3e), and Stedman’s Medical Terminology (2e). [Read more…]

Member Spotlight: Meggin McIntosh

Developing an ASAR MindsetMeggin McIntoshTAA member Meggin McIntosh is an industry professional whose current job is “to inspire joyful work”. She does this through her company, Emphasis on Excellence, Inc., and as an author on topics related to productivity and positivity.

Her most recent publication is Developing an ASAR Mindset (ASAR = As Soon As Reasonable) and it’s part of the Get a Plan! Guide® series. She has published several books, scores of refereed articles, numerous manuals, curriculum material, and at least 1500 online articles. She loves to write! [Read more…]