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Member Spotlight: Prs Murthy

Prs MurthyDPP Oscillations & Waves Physics Vol 5TAA member Prs Murthy is a freelance IIT JEE physics professor and is both a textbook and academic author in the physics writing discipline.

His most recent publications are Rotational motion and gravitation (along with properties of matter) DPP Vol-3 and Oscillations and waves DPP Vol-5.

What are you currently working on?

Fundamentals of Magnetics and Electromagnetic Induction (Algebra and Calculus based).

Share a recent accomplishment.

I received an invitation to join as HOD of physics, IIT JEE integrated programme from Srichaitanya group. I also had a teaching article “Velocity of images formed by refraction (paraxial rays only)” accepted by Physics Times magazine.

What is your favorite textbook writing tip or strategy?

A reader should always find the flow from KNOWN to UNKNOWN. No concept should abruptly appear or disappear.