2014 TAA Conference receives rave reviews

2014 TAA ConferenceThe 2014 TAA Conference was a big success! Attendees from across the country representing a variety of writing disciplines gathered to discuss the latest information and trends in the field of textbook and academic authoring and publishing.

TAA thanks all those who contributed to the program as well as the attendees who enriched the discussions throughout the conference.

Here’s what conference participants had to say:

“Each session is packed with great information.  Every author and teacher must attend this conference!” Melissa Hart

“My one-on-one mentoring session [with Michael Sullivan] was worth the price of admission to the conference. Thanks TAA!” Joe Jaksa

“I am a first-time attendee and will definitely come again! Have learned so much already!” Lee Alexander [Read more…]

Tweetable tweets from 2014 TAA Conference attendees

Thank you to everyone who tweeted or shared tweets at the 2014 TAA Conference!

Ode to TAA

As part of TAA Council member Ron Pynn’s “Ode to the Book”, which he recited during the 2014 TAA Awards Luncheon, was this little ditty about TAA:

Now there is an organization known as TAA
to belong you must pay.
Their advice is most wise
for they know how to advise.
Workshops they provide
far and wide.
If to write you want to learn
then a mentor you should yearn.
With a contract to negotiate
a TAA lawyer you contact.
Their conferences you must attend
so your practices you can amend.
For 25 years they have been sound,
protecting author rights all around.

Contract negotiation exercise involves candy

The second textbook contract negotiation exercise during Stephen Gillen’s “Legal Update” session involved candy! No verbal or nonverbal conversation was involved. Showed how conversation was critical to the negotiation process.

Attendees participate in contract negotiation role-playing exercise

2014 TAA Conference attendees participate in contract negotiation role-playing exercise during Stephen Gillen’s “Legal Update” session.

Looking forward to seeing new and familiar faces at the hospitality suite!

Vines @ 2014 TAA Conference

VP Message: Join us at the TAA conference, where everybody knows your name

Steven Barkan

Steven Barkan, TAA Vice President

Have you ever been to an academic conference that was so big that you scurried from session to session without talking to a soul, and you had to eat a lonely room-service dinner every night? Wouldn’t you want to be at a conference where everybody knows your name, to paraphrase the theme song of the late, great Cheers TV show? If so, TAA’s June 2014 Textbook and Academic Authoring Conference in Baltimore is just for you! [Read more…]

Visual: Top 10 reasons to attend TAA’s 27th Annual Conference on Textbook & Academic Authoring

Here are the top 10 reasons to attend TAA’s 27th Annual Conference on Textbook & Academic Authoring.

Look who’s keynoting at the 27th Annual Textbook & Academic Authoring Conference

Bob Mankoff

Bob Mankoff

Bob Mankoff, nationally renowned cartoon editor for The New Yorker, will keynote the Text and Academic Authors Association’s 27th Annual Conference with a presentation entitled “Taking Humor Seriously”. Mankoff will share his engaging and informative analysis of how and why humor works for making academic subjects come to life.

Recently profiled on CBS 60 Minutes and in Entertainment Weekly, and a frequent guest on network morning shows and on syndicated radio programs, Mankoff is one of the nation’s leading commentators on the role of humor in American politics, business, and in life. Come for a laugh, and walk away with a tool for your own writing and teaching.

For conference information or to register please visit 2014TAAConference.net