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5 Ways authors can assist their publisher with book promotion

Whether you are an author working with a larger publisher with a sizable marketing budget, or a smaller publisher with a tight marketing budget, you can–and should–play a role in promoting your book. Paul Krieger, author of a four-book Visual Analogy Guide supplement series with Morton Publishing, shares five ways authors can assist their publisher with book promotion:

  1. Visual Analogy Guide to Chemistry CoverReach out to sales staff. Make an effort to communicate with and show your appreciation for them. “You are all part of a team with a common goal of trying to make your book successful,” he says. “I send all my sales reps a $25 gift card around the holidays. Many have responded by saying ‘ thanks so much Paul. You’re the only author at Morton that does this!’.” I also thank my sales staff in the acknowledgment section of my books and let them know that I have.
  2. Make a reference sheet for the sales reps with tips on how to sell your book. Include information about what professors and students like about your book.
  3. Attend conferences where your book is being promoted. Stay at the vendor table to meet adopters and hear what they have to say.
  4. Strategize with your marketing manager. Krieger made suggestions for cover design and was ultimately given autonomy over its design and content.
  5. Create brief, two-minute or less YouTube videos about your book. Make sure your video has a “hook”. Here’s the hook in Krieger’s video for his anatomy and physiology book: “Given the high failure rates in anatomy and physiology courses, my book will help you succeed the first time through the course.” Include testimonials. Krieger mines these from his Amazon book reviews.

Attendees of TAA’s 2021 Virtual Conference can watch Krieger’s session, “Think Small! How Authoring Stand-Alone Supplements with Small Publishers Could be Your Niche”, on demand here.

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