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Join us 11/12 for the TAA Webinar: ‘Negotiating (or Renegotiating) Your ​Textbook ​ Publishing Agreement: A Creative Focus on Business Terms’

Sean Wakely

While there are many aspects of an author-publisher relationship, the key component is your textbook publishing agreement. Publishing agreements determine the responsibilities of each party, as well as the deliverables, dates, revenue sharing in the form of royalties, and many other key elements.

Join us Thursday, November 12 from 4-5 p.m. ET for the TAA Webinar, “Negotiating (or Renegotiating) Your Textbook Publishing Agreement: A Creative Focus on Business Terms”. In this webinar, Sean Wakely, Founder and Principal Advisor at Academic Author Advisers, will focus on the non-legal, negotiable business terms of publishing agreements, such as deadlines, royalty rates, art and illustration rendering, permissions, advances, grants, and responsibilities for supplements, and how you can position yourself to negotiate more favorable outcomes. Register

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