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42 Blog post ideas for academic writing bloggers

Blogging is a great way to grow your audience and establish credibility. But what should you blog about? Our members ask me this ALL the time. First and foremost your blog should be about something that interests you. Blogging should be enjoyable, not another thing that you have to cross off your weekly list. Secondly, your blog needs to have a purpose. What is it that you want your blog to accomplish? Do you want to help people become a better academic writer? Do you want to share tips and strategies related to the writing process that you’ve learned over the years? It doesn’t matter what it is, but it does matter that you know and that it’s also clear to your readers.
So whether you are just starting a blog or just looking for a blog post idea for this week, this list will help you. Here are 42 blog post ideas for academic writers:

  1. Write a review of a book you’ve read that relates to your writing discipline
  2. Write a book review of a book that you read to help you with your writing
  3. List your favorite blogs and why you follow them
  4. List time management tips
  5. Share your favorite writing apps, software, or tools
  6. List your writing goals for the year
  7. How to bring clarity into your paper
  8. Helpful hints on submitting a book proposal
  9. Helpful hints for surviving the dissertation writing process
  10. Helpful hints for how to do a peer review
  11. Write about why you choose your writing discipline
  12. Ask your readers to post pictures of their writing space
  13. Tips, tricks and tools that help keep your writing organized
  14. Write a post about “what you wish you knew then what you know now”
  15. List your favorite books on writing
  16. Explain the publishing process
  17. Give an excerpt from your book
  18. Review a writing product
  19. Write about the 3 biggest writing distractions in your life right now and how you plan to deal with them
  20. Share editing tips
  21. Ways to overcome writer’s block
  22. Write about rejection and how you move forward after receiving a rejection
  23. Write about your experience working with an editor and how to find one
  24. Discuss why you are or are not part of a writing group and the benefits or disadvantages
  25. Share templates that you use in your writing
  26. Explain the revise and resubmit process
  27. List words or phrases to avoid in academic writing
  28. How to find time to write
  29. How to juggle work, family, and writing
  30. List what helps you find inspiration/motivation
  31. How to write an introduction
  32. Share your fears and anxieties about academic writing
  33. Share what you love most about academic writing
  34. How to go back to unfinished projects and bring them to completion
  35. Write a “Did you know?” piece on something related to your writing discipline
  36. Share something personal (what do you do for fun, what did you do this weekend, where did you go on vacation this winter, etc.)
  37. Share your favorite gift ideas for writers or professors (do this around the holiday season)
  38. Share a checklist for submitting a manuscript
  39. Give your top 10 tips for improving one’s own academic writing
  40. Share a checklist for submitting a grant proposal
  41. Write about a conference you attended
  42. Make a list just like this one!