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Join us for 10/23 & 30 TAA Webinar on Managing Your Large & Small Writing Projects

Managing Your Large and Small Writing ProjectsJoin us Thursday October 23 & 30 from 3-4 p.m. ET for this two-part TAA webinar, “Hunks, Chunks and Bites (or How to Eat an Elephant): How to Manage Your Large & Small Writing Projects,” presented by Meggin McIntosh, PhD, President of Emphasis on Excellence, Inc. Free for Members. Click here to register
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Do you have 1 or 10 or 100 writing projects that are unfinished – and you REALLY wish they were complete? Are there days when you intend to get started on – or make progress on – your projects, but somehow the day gets away?

If you apply what you learn in this class, you will:

  • Get clear on what your various projects are
  • Be able to ask for (and receive) help, assistance, and support on your projects; and
  • Finish your writing projects…even those that have been ‘lingering’ for weeks, months, or years

Tell the truth. You have many, many writing projects. Just think about defining a project (writing or otherwise) as:

  • “A non-routine series of tasks directed toward a goal.” (Snead & Wycoff, 1997)
  • “A project is anything that takes two or more steps to complete.” (David Allen)

This webinar will offer structures and strategies for conceptualizing and completing your projects. “Hunks, Chunks, and Bites: Managing Your Small and Large Projects” is for academics who have writing projects that they want to complete and are frustrated by not getting them completed—and who may not be sure why they aren’t getting them completed (or even started!)

Meggin McIntoshDr. Meggin McIntosh, currently known as The PhD of Productivity™, is a former classroom teacher and university professor, and is currently an author, workshop leader, and coach. She works with bright people who are overwhelmed and would prefer to be overjoyed, instead.

Since one of the broad categories where bright caring people get overwhelmed is completing (or not completing!) their projects, we wanted to bring in someone with practical, straightforward strategies to help all of us with our projects. And we found Meggin!

Her curriculum vitae is well over 140 pages long, which would indicate that she must have figured out something about managing projects! In the special web-based workshop, Hunks, Chunks, & Bites (or How to Eat an Elephant), Meggin is going to share ideas that you can use to conceptualize, plan, and manage your projects. Plus, she will share them in a fun way that will help everyone remember what she teaches.

Dr. Meggin McIntosh has been called “an educational treasure.” Her 6-word bio is, “Put on Earth to teach. Thankful.” We are thankful that she will join us in October and that you will be able to join in the learning with us! Visit her website, Emphasis on Excellence, Inc., or connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter.