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5 Tips to get the most out of your TAA membership over the summer break

Maximize your summer break and optimize your writing efforts by accessing the authoring resources available to you through your Text and Academic Authors Association membership. Here are five tips to get you started:

1) Ask questions and get answers on TAA’s E-list discussion forum. This member tool allows you to send messages to all of the members subscribing to the list with a simple email to the list address. As a member of a TAA E-List, you can:

  • Search the online archive for valuable information and resources
  • Ask your peers the questions that are most important to you
  • Manage your subscription and preferences through your member profile

Don’t be shy about using this valuable resource. It’s easy to subscribe to TAA’s E-Lists!

2) Peruse TAA’s Blog, which houses hundreds of how-to articles, interviews, and industry and association news updates. This content is rich with tips and strategies to help you become a more productive, efficient, and successful author.

3) Visit the podcast library to view webinars and listen to presentations covering a wide variety of textbook and academic author related issues. The library offers nearly one hundred 60-90 minute sessions on topics such as writing, editing, contracts, royalties, taxes, copyright, time management and more, presented by a variety of industry experts.

4) Develop your own social media strategy to promote your academic writing and other works. Visit the Video Tutorials resource page to view videos on how to create a blog and how to start your outreach with Twitter. Learn how to stay connected and further your reach in TAA’s Social Media Center.

5) Get connected with veteran authors and industry experts in TAA’s online member community. Use the Member Directory to search for a mentor, a collaborator, or for members with similar interests. View the website tutorials to learn how to connect and communicate with fellow TAA members.