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TAA DEI Committee to moderate April 26 Conversation Circle discussion

TAA’s Committee for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion will be moderating the April 26 TAA Conversation Circle discussion on DEI from 1-2 p.m. ET.

Committee members Steven Barkan, Laura Frost, Nicole Dillard, Shawn Nordell, Brian Shmaefsky, and Pilar Wyman will talk about resources the committee has curated over the past two years and invite your comments and questions about incorporating DEI into your authoring.

Access the Zoom link on TAA’s Conversation Circle page. Members will also receive emails with Zoom link as the even nears.

The Committee has curated a several DEI Resources for Authors, including:

Annotated DEI Resources for Language, Images, Content, and Publishers

DEI textbook references and resources from Dr. Stacie DeFreitas

What is critical race theory and why it should matter to academic authors
By Stacie DeFreitas

President’s Message: Doing the work of diversity, equity, and inclusion
By Kevin Patton

Words matter: Guidelines for pronoun usage
By Morgan Grant

Inclusion means including everyone
By Kevin Patton

Other Work of the CDEI

TAA Diversity Survey Results

CDEI Town Hall on Identity in Peer Review-Slides

CDEI Town Hall on Identity in Peer Review-Summary