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Open up to open access

A Crash Course on Open AccessJoin Danielle S. Apfelbaum, Senior Assistant Librarian, Farmingdale State College and Derek Stadler, Assistant Professor at CUNY’s LaGuardia Community College as they take our TAA Summer Webinar Series participants on “A Crash Course on Open Access” next Thursday, July 16th.

Although open access publishing has been around for years, misconceptions about what “open” is and what it means for authors’ works continue to persist. This session aims to demystify this multifaceted concept.

Apfelbaum is a Senior Assistant Librarian at Farmingdale State College, where she serves as the Scholarly Communication Librarian. Her primary responsibilities include but are not limited to assisting faculty and staff with navigating copyright, fair use, open licensing, and open access publishing. She received her Creative Commons Certification in October 2018.

Stadler is an Assistant Professor at CUNY’s LaGuardia Community College in Long Island City, serving as the Library’s Web Services Librarian. His library research has been published in the Journal of Library Administration, Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, and The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy, an open access publication. Derek is also a co-editor-in-chief of the open access journal, Urban Library Journal.

By the end of this session, attendees will be able to describe and distinguish between common varieties of open access (green, gold, and platinum), understand how specific varieties of open access impact the dissemination of their work, and conceptualize the relationships between open access and peer review, copyright, and open licensing.

Stick around after the main presentation for a deeper dive into open access with Danielle, Derek, and TAA Executive Director Michael Spinella. As part of this topic extension, we want to hear authors’ views of the open access environment, and what your experiences have been as you consider where to publish among an increasingly complex set of options.

Register now for next week’s session to learn more about open access options for your next writing project.