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Access TAA’s 250+ on demand presentations free during COVID-19 pandemic

keep writingTAA is committed to its mission of supporting “textbook and academic authors in the creation of top-quality educational and scholarly works that stimulate the love of learning and foster the pursuit of knowledge.” To this end, we want to ensure that all textbook and academic authors have the opportunity to maintain a healthy writing practice every day.

In support of continued growth and development for textbook and academic authors, TAA has opened up its entire library of 250+ on demand presentations for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

We recognize that so many of our members and their colleagues have found themselves displaced from their daily work environment, challenged by changes in lifestyle, and concerned about their health and that of their friends and family.

As a result, the continuity and productivity that you may have been used to in your daily writing practice may have been disrupted. You may find yourself socially distanced from the support systems in place at your institution. You may simply be trying to find the motivation and mental clarity to focus on your own writing projects and move them forward.

Whatever situation you are facing as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic, TAA wants to help ensure that you can find ways to maintain a healthy writing practice so that you can continue to meet your textbook and academic writing goals.

At this time, we have opened access to our entire library of 250+ Presentations on Demand for your viewing pleasure. This resource will continue to be available throughout the uncertain events impacting our authoring community so that you can find motivation and inspiration in the teachings and resources found within.

TAA members already have access to this valuable resource every day and nonmembers can gain access for free by completing a short registration form, so share with anyone who is looking for guidance, motivation, or inspiration during these trying times.

Happy writing!