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Subject matter experts wanted to review virtual reality modules

An EdTech company is seeking subject matter experts in biology, physics, chemistry, and math to review content for virtual reality modules. Qualifications include: experience writing content, reviewing textbooks, designing curriculum, or developmental editing.

The scripts for these virtual reality modules need to be reviewed for pedagogy, accuracy, and general writing style. There are two phases to the review process: a Preflight, which requires an evaluation of an outline, and a Blueprint, which requires reviewing a complete script. Each preflight requires about 2 hours; each blueprint 4-5 hours. The turnaround time is 2 days.

Reviewers need to have subject matter expertise at middle school and high school levels. It helps to be familiar with curriculum standards, such as Common Core and NGSS. The review process will begin in January and continue for about six months. There is a stipend. This is an opportunity for textbook authors, reviewers, and DEs to work with virtual reality technology and get an idea of its potential in education. For more information, contact June Jamrich Parsons at