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Member Spotlight: Andrew M. Pomerantz

Andy PomerantzMy Psychology cover imageClinical PsychologyTAA member Andrew M. Pomerantz is a Professor of Psychology at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and both a textbook and academic author in the psychology discipline.

He recently published two textbooks: the brand new My Psychology (published by Worth, for Introductory Psychology courses) and Clinical Psychology (4th edition, published by SAGE). He has also published dozens of articles in peer-reviewed journals.

What are you currently working on?
Currently, I am working on revisions to my textbooks and several manuscripts on topics related to clinical psychology or teaching of psychology, several of which are collaborative efforts with my students and colleagues.

Share a recent accomplishment.
My new textbook, My Psychology, published in October 2017 and has received lots of positive reviews and feedback from instructors of Intro Psych. Earlier in 2017, my Clinical Psychology (4e) textbook won a Textbook Excellence Award (“Texty”) from TAA–an honor, especially from such a wonderful organization! I also authored three entries in a 2017 reference work, The Sage Encyclopedia of Abnormal and Clinical Psychology, and I co-authored a forthcoming article in Journal of Clinical Psychology entitled “Doctoral Training in Clinical Psychology across 23 Years: Continuity and Change” (DOI: 10.1002/jclp.22517).

What is your favorite textbook writing tip or strategy?
Make an effort to form and maintain strong working relationships with everyone involved in the writing process–co-authors, editors, colleagues, administrative assistants, etc. For me, it makes the writing process more productive and enjoyable.

What is your best TAA experience so far?
The TAA listserv is fantastic–lots of authors and other members of the academic publishing community collaboratively sharing information and support. And the process of applying for a textbook award from TAA was a pleasure as well.