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Three new writing templates added to TAA’s Templates & Samples Resource Library

Three new templates have been added to TAA’s Templates & Samples Resource Library – a grant requirements matrix template and writing collaboration planning and progress templates.

The grant requirements matrix template was contributed by Erin Comeaux, a grants coordinator with Pasadena ISD, and Jennifer Travis, a professor of mathematics at Lone Star College-North Harris, who use it to keep track of each grant requirement, as well as the solicition/RFP page number or URL, paragraph number or URL, and who is responsible for drafting each requirement, to make sure all the grant’s instructions are being followed.

These two templates, contributed by Margarita Huerta, an assistant professor in the Department of Educational and Clinical Studies at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, are designed to help you maintain successful writing collaborations. The writing collaboration planning template helps you plan big picture tasks (e.g., how much writing you are expected to produce each year), details (e.g., breaking down the sections of your typical writing piece), and developing a plan of action (e.g., when you will approach your colleagues). The writing collaboration progress template tracks your progress as a team (e.g., How many manuscripts did you publish this year, how many conference presentations were completed, how many grants accepted?; who will take lead on specific manuscripts?; and when you will you meet?). Listen to Huerta’s TAA audio conference, “Thriving in Academia: How to Create and Maintain Productive Writing Collaborations”, for more information on how to use these templates.

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