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New TAA Publication Grants awarded

Dr. Amy Rebecca Gansell
Dr. Gansell

Dr. Amy Rebecca Gansell of St. John’s University, Drs. Jan-Willem van de Meent and Chris H. Wiggins, and doctoral candidate Sakellarios Zairis of Columbia University were recently awarded a $1,000 TAA Publication Grant to help cover the cost of photos for their forthcoming article, “Stylistic Clusters and the Syrian/South Syrian Tradition of First-Millennium BCE Levantine Ivory Carving: a Machine Learning Approach”. The article, which was published online in November 2013 in the Journal of Archaeological Science, will be published in print in the spring of 2014.

“I am very grateful for TAA’s grant, which subvents the costs of publishing color illustrations of scientific diagrams and five previously unpublished ancient sculptures,” said Gansell.

Dr. Jennifer Sterling Snodgrass
Dr. Jennifer Sterling Snodgrass

Dr. Jennifer Sterling Snodgrass of Appalachian State University was recently awarded a $900 TAA Publication Grant to cover the costs for permissions to reprint the music and lyrics from 10 compositions, to appear in the monograph, Contemporary Musicianship: Analysis and the Artist, which will be published by Oxford University Press in 2014.

“As a music theorist, I am often limited to including musical examples that are within the public domain,” said Snodgrass.  “With support from TAA, I was able to step outside of my classical box and include music that will surely have students in music industry field engaged from day one!  As a new member of TAA, I am beyond excited about the support and information made available to its members.”

TAA members can apply for a Publication Grant of up to $1,000 to offset expenses incurred in publishing already accepted print scholarly journal articles and academic books, including academic journal page costs or university press subventions; the cost of preparing artwork, charts, diagrams, or images to be included in accepted journal articles or academic books; and journal reprint costs. (Non-members can apply for grants of up to $250.)