What a TAA grant can do for you

GrantsTAA offers two forms of grants – publication grants and contract review grants – to assist members and non-members with some of the expenses related to publishing their academic works and textbooks.

As the April 30th grant application deadline approaches, we asked several 2017 publication grant recipients for feedback on how a TAA grant has helped them. [Read more…]

Schulman receives TAA Publication Grant

Vanessa SchulmanVanessa Schulman, an Assistant Professor in the School of Art at Illinois State University, received a TAA Publication Grant to support the publication of her book, Works Sights: The Visual Culture of Industry in Nineteenth-Century America, which will be published by the University of Massachusetts Press in January 2016.

“In my field, permissions fees for reproducing works of art can cost hundreds of dollars,” she said. “As an art historian, I am grateful to TAA for their financial assistance; this grant means I can afford to include the images necessary to support my book’s argument.”
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King receives TAA Publication Grant

Carrie KingCarrie King, an Associate Professor of Dietetics and Nutrition at the University of Alaska Anchorage, received a TAA Publication Grant to support the publication of her article, “Applying Social Cognitive Career Theory to Registered Dietitian Research Involvement: A Randomized Controlled Trial”, which was published in the Journal of Allied Health in December 2014.

“The receipt of the TAA Publication Grant means the ability to disseminate my work across health professions, many of whom are also focused on increasing the research involvement of their practitioners,” said King. “The TAA Grant is vital to facilitating the publication of research findings.”
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Richard Filipink receives TAA Publication Grant

Dwight Eisenhower and American Foreign Policy in the 1960sRichard FilipinkDr. Richard M. Filipink, an associate professor in the History Department at Western Illinois University, received a TAA Publication grant to cover costs associated in publishing his book, Dwight Eisenhower and American Foreign Policy during the 1960s: An American Lion in Winter, to be published by Lexington Press, January 2015.

“The grant covered the typesetting costs for the book, which I was contractually required to cover, thus it reimbursed me for the final step in this process,” he said. “Thank you TAA for this assistance.”  [Read more…]

Renn receives TAA Publication Grant

Melissa RennIndependent scholar and researcher Melissa Renn received a TAA Publication Grant to support her forthcoming essay, “‘The Famous Iwo Flag-Raising’: Iwo Jima Revisited,” which will be published in History of Photography in early 2015.

“As an independent scholar and curator, the grant provided funding which helped offset the fees connected with reproducing news images and Life magazine spreads in my article. I am very grateful to TAA for their generous support,” said Renn.
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Salus receives TAA Publication Grant

Carol SalusCarol Salus, an Associate Professor at Kent State University, received a TAA Publication Grant to cover a portion of the out-of-pocket expenses incurred in the publication of her book, Picasso and Celestina: The Artist’s Vision of the Procuress. The book will be published by Juan de la Cuesta Press, LinguaText in March 2015.

“I am thrilled to have received this grant,” said Salus. “It will be extremely useful, as the copyright costs alone on my book incurred an enormous expense.” [Read more…]

May receives TAA Publication Grant

Reuben MayReuben A. Buford May, a Professor in the Department of Sociology at Texas A&M University, received a TAA Publication Grant for out-of-pocket expenses incurred in the publication of his book, Urban Nightlife: Entertaining Race, Class, and Culture in Public Space. The book will be published by Rutgers University Press in September 2014.

“I am honored to receive a TAA Publication Grant,” said May. “It is comforting to know that TAA is continuously working to support authors as they pursue their academic and research interests. Their support is truly inspirational. Thank you.” [Read more…]

Shavers receives TAA Publication Grant

Dr. Clarissa Agee Shavers was awarded a $300 TAA Publication Grant to cover out of pocket expenses associated with the publishing of her article “Emotional problems and depression among children and adolescents in today’s society”, to be published in the Open Journal of Depression in 2014. Shavers is a clinical instructor in the College of Nursing at Wayne State University.

“I truly appreciate this TAA Publication Grant on behalf of my program of research entitled ‘The Safer Tomorrows Injury Prevention and Violence Reduction Project’,” said Shavers. “This grant allows me an opportunity to publish and empirical and clinical evidence-based manuscript for health care providers working with children and adolescents.”

Lucander receives TAA Publication Grant

David LucanderWinning the War for DemocracyDavid Lucander, an instructor of Pluralism & Diversity at Rockland Community College, was awarded a TAA Publication Grant to cover indexing costs for his book, Winning the War for Democracy: The March on Washington Movement, 1941-1946, to be published by the University of Illinois Press in August 2014.

“I teach at a community college that does not have a lot of resources for scholarly publishing, so TAA support is especially vital,” said Lucander.  “A well-made index makes the book so much more user-friendly for readers and researchers, but it’s a daunting task to do well when teaching a huge course load and juggling other responsibilities. Professional indexers are worth every penny, and the TAA helped make it possible for me to hire one of the best.” [Read more…]

Hughes receives TAA Publication Grant

Sabrina HughesSabrina Hughes, a Curatorial Assistant at the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, Florida, was awarded a TAA Publication Grant to cover expenses associated with the publishing of her article, “Imag(in)ing Paris for Posterity,” to be published in Future Anterior, the historic preservation journal of Columbia University, published by the University of Minnesota Press.

“Receiving the TAA grant is such an honor,” said Hughes. “Publishing art history articles can be very costly because of the necessity of image reproductions to the article. I’m a photography historian, which adds another level of complexity and expense since there are often additional licensing fees that come along with publishing photographs. This grant is an invaluable gift to emerging scholars who, like myself, are publishing independent of institutional financial backing.” [Read more…]